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Brilliant Non-Wedding-Cake Ideas for Those Who Hate Cake

If you’re a cake hater, then have we found some brilliant non-wedding-cake ideas for your upcoming wedding! While a fruit cake is traditional, there’s no reason why you can’t skip the cake altogether and replace it with something else. We’ve found six non-wedding cake ideas to share with you today.

6 Stunning Non Wedding Cake Ideas

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and there are certainly those who won’t touch a piece of fruit cake with a long pole. It’s becoming more common for couples to forgo a traditional wedding cake and instead choose something more of their liking. We share six non-wedding cake ideas for you to consider:

  • Pizza - pizza can be stacked or tiered, just like a cake! It’s a popular choice at any occasion and also a great source of carbohydrates for people consuming alcohol. Provide a variety of flavours and you’re sure to please everyone.
  • Burgers – once again, these can be stacked like a cake in a three-tier system where each layer is the same size. You could have mini burgers in a cupcake formation or large gourmet burgers in a specific shape. The choice is yours.
  • Pies – fancy a good old’ kiwi pie? You could provide something for everyone: vegetarian, bacon and egg, mince, steak or even fruit pies for those with a sweet tooth. Once again, pies can be stacked upon each other, or positioned in a range of shapes.
  • Sushi – who doesn’t love sushi? Need we say anymore?
  • Deli tower of meats – pile up the ham, luncheon and salami, well as cheese, olives, and dried fruits, all in little bite-size pieces. Skewers and toothpicks will help you position the meat in a cake shape, or you could simply place it on a platter.
  • Cheese – cheese is a very common food seen at wedding receptions. Wheels of cheese are often used to form a wedding cake. With the wide variety of cheeses that are available to choose from, this option can be enjoyed by most everyone too. Don’t forget to add a range of crackers and breads for guests to eat too.

We bet these six non-wedding-cake ideas have got you thinking about picking your ‘wedding cake.’

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