Wedding Planning Tools & Checklists

We’ve collected some really useful wedding planning tools and checklists to help you coordinate your big day. We have an overall wedding checklist plus checklists for the guests, catering and the venue. We also have a budgeting spreadsheet you can download or print and a wedding gift tracker.

Wedding Checklist

Here's a handy Wedding Checklist with a comprehensive list of things to consider when planning your wedding and also to help remember all the little things that can make your wedding day remarkable.

This checklist will help to make your wedding planning faster, easier and less stressful, so you can relax and start looking forward to a day to remember.

Reception Venue Checklist

Here's a handy checklist of things to ask about your wedding reception venue. Whether you’re planning an extravagant masterpiece or a more quiet, simple affair, this wedding reception guide will help you.

Good luck with your wedding planning and remember to try to relax and enjoy the process.

Wedding Catering

An experienced wedding caterer can deal with all of your catering needs, dietary requests and offer you delicious and beautifully presented selections. They can also give you great ideas on stretching your reception budget.

You want a diverse menu with red meat, seafood, chicken, and a vegetarian entrée. A taste test is recommended. Consider all of these important aspects to your catering search when planning your wedding.

Download the attached wedding catering checklist that has detailed information about the things that you will need to do between now and your wedding reception.

Wedding Budgeting

A wedding budget is absolutely essential to planning your wedding. A wedding budget tool makes it easy to manage your budget and payments. Setting your wedding budget is one of the very first things you should do. Use this handy wedding budget worksheet to plan out what you'll need to pay for, and how much you should plan to spend on each item.

We recommend you download this wedding budget worksheet and put it in your planning notebook so it will be handy whenever you are out shopping or talking to a vendor.

Download and print the notebook version below (use the "Download" button) or click on this link to download your own copy of the spreadsheet (sign in required).

Guest Checklist

Use this great Guest Checklist to keep track of important contact information, guest responses, and thank-you notes. Keep any special information or notes on your guests' allergies, preferences or special needs. Download the attached Wedding Guest Checklist to ensure you keep track of your guests without any confusion.

Wedding Gift Tracker

This document helps you keep track of all the great gifts you receive at your wedding. Record the gift description, who gave the gift, and whether a thank-you card was sent.

Download the attached wedding Gift Tracker to ensure that you thank everyone for being there on your special day and of course for the wonderful gifts.

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