How to Pick Your Dream Wedding Cake

Looking for advice on how to choose your dream wedding cake? Awesome, because we’ve got plenty of it! Our wedding directory has plenty of wonderfully talented wedding cake designers, and that’s a great place to look to find professional bakers to discuss your ideas with. If however, you want some great advice on choosing your dream wedding cake and making all those tough decisions, we’ve put together some great tips for you.

Top Tips On Choosing Your Dream Wedding Cake

With your wedding being one of the most important days of your life, it goes without saying that you want your wedding cake to be perfect! However, with so many different choices to pick from, what seems like a fun job initially can turn into a confusing time of jumbled of thoughts and emotions. That’s where we can help.

We’ve made a list of the key points and questions to consider when picking your perfect wedding cake:

  • Shape – what shape would you like your cake? Square, circle, rectangle?
  • Size – how many people does your cake need to feed?
  • Layers – do you want multiple layers and if so, how many?
  • Colour – what is your wedding theme colour? What colour would you like the icing and the decorations on your cake?
  • Decorations – what decorations would you like? Icing, flowers, ribbons, gems or something else?
  • Topper – will your cake have a topper and if so, who will supply it?
  • Style – what type of cake styles do you like? Tall and skinny, stacked tiers, long and flat?
  • Budget – how much are you prepared to spend on a cake?
  • Display – where will your cake be displayed? Is it a warm or cool location, as this will affect the type of icing which can be used.
  • Flavour – will you have one flavour, or will each layer be different?
  • Venue – you want your cake to look great at your venue, so take this into consideration when choosing what it will look like!

Creating a Pinterest board of photos of wedding cakes you like is a good idea. You can share these with your cake designer, helping them to understand your preferences. It’s important that you take the designers advice when finalising the details of your dream wedding cake. They’ve been doing this for a while, and have a solid understanding of what will and won’t work.

For more advice, check out our selection of wedding catering articles – and remember to use our wedding directory to find your dream wedding cake!