6 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

A quick check through Pinterest will show you hundreds of great wedding cake ideas. What we have seen though, is that it’s often the same ideas and designs being replicated and that gets kind of dull. What if you wanted a non-traditional wedding cake? One which no one else has ever had? Today we share our favourite unique wedding cake ideas for you to get inspiration from.

Non-Traditional & Unusual Wedding Cake Ideas

There's nothing wrong with a traditional royal icing wedding cake. They look beautiful when made professionally and taste just as good. However, we’re finding that today’s brides are looking for something a bit different with their cakes and we’re happy to share with you six unique ideas to get you thinking:

  • Musical tribute – do you have a favourite song? Why not create a wedding cake which pays tribute to the musician, or is inspired by the words within the song? A white cake would be perfect for David Bowie’s White Wedding song…
  • Pie – when given the option, many people would prefer a piece of pie to a piece of cake. Why not have your favourite sweet pie served with ganache or ice cream instead?
  • Donuts – if you love doughnuts, then this is for you! Picture a three-tier ‘cake’ made with three different flavours of doughnuts, topped with a tiny bouquet.
  • Naked cake – how about skipping the icing altogether? One of the hottest wedding cake ideas at the moment is the naked cake. This works best when you have a multi-layered and tiered cake, letting people see both the cake and it’s filling.
  • Cheese cake – not a fan of cake at all? You could simply create a stack of your favourite cheeses to look like a layered wedding cake. Mmm, we love this idea!
  • Macaroons – French macaroons are such a classy sweet treat, so why not create a layered wedding cake with them? This would be perfect for wedding themes which are using pastel colours, as the delicate shells of the macaroon suit those colours so well.

If you can dream it, chances are a wedding cake designer can create it! We recommend you share your wedding cake ideas with a professional cake designer sooner rather than later. It’s best to have your cake booked in no later than six months before your wedding, to ensure you receive exactly what you desire.

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