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Wedding Make Up

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable high points of your life. In order to ensure the day runs smoothly, a mobile make up artist and hairdresser are highly recommended as part of the preparation for your big day.

Make up trial

This can occur a couple weeks out from the event, when you have your dress colour, flowers, jewelry chosen. The venue, ie formal Cathedral to casual beach, is also an important factor. With this information, the makeup artist can create a look appropriate for you, and helps your vision of your Wedding day is come together. With the trial complete another stress about how it will all turn out is removed as you have your make up pre-planned before the big day.

At this time bridesmaids and mothers of the bride makeup can be considered and discussed, if required as part of a complete package. Bridesmaids are like accessories to the bride, they enhance and compliment the bride’s look.

Make up considerations

Aspects to consider for wedding make up include ensuring the makeup is photographic make up. If the make up is not photographic makeup under flash photography the it will appear white making the bride look pale and ghostly. A high shine should also be avoided as this gives the appearance of oily skin or perspiration when using a flash. The make up intensity and shade need to be considered for the time of day the ceremony is occurring.

Co-ordination on the day

A strength of having a mobile make up artist is that they can work in with the timing of your hair stylist, to complete your beauty look, and you are free to complete dress preparations prior to the photographers arrival, if pre wedding photos are being completed.

A mobile make up artist just needs some space for a chair, ideally with access to natural light and some space or a table for placing the make up kit. The make up artist works in the order desired to ensure everyone is ready for photos. The Bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride, are usually done first, with the Brides makeup being completed as the others dress themselves, in preparation for assisting the Bride. This way everyone is looking their best for the photographer to get the best shots.

Time considerations as a guide

Hair ups – up to 90 mins each Blow waves – 30 mins each Make up 30-45 minutes each (depending on skin type and style) Brides dress time up to 30 mins (depending on dress style and any adjustment required on the day) Photographer 60 mins (depending on the package selected) Travel time to the venue needs to be considered with relation to all involved

Helpful Tips

Rescue Remedy is excellent for anyone with emotions and nerves running high. It calms without sedating. Having Hollywood tape and safety pins on hand is a good safety measure for those unexpected moments.

Having a makeup repair kit with lipstick to touch up, matte powder, and oil absorbing blotting papers is a good idea.

Having bite size foods available on the day, as many won’t want a lot of lunch but the Bridal party must have something to keep the butterflies busy. (Fainting only looks good in movies)

If wedding shoes haven’t been worn in before the day, Don’t start on the wedding day. By the time you are ready to leave the house your feet will already be getting sore.

At least half an hour before getting dressed, reapply any deodorant and/or sunscreen. This allows time for the products to dry so no marks are made on delicate fabrics.

(Source: Janine's Make Up, Nail & Beauty)