Choosing your wedding invitations is so exciting! You’ve decided on a date, so it’s now time to invite your nearest and dearest to your wedding. But hang on a moment. You need to first wade through the never-ending options regarding the shape, size, paper type, font, colour and even paper weight. Relax, though. We’ve been in the wedding directory business long enough and helped many engaged couples navigate the maze of wedding invitations. Today we’re here to help you!

Eight Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Invitations

You need to get your invitations chosen and printed but want to ensure you choose the right ones. Awesome! Here are eight of our top tips to get you on the right path:

  • Start planning early – you should start choosing your wedding invitations as soon as you have set a date for your wedding.
  • Write down your wording and have someone else check it – while your invitation printer will proofread your details, get them checked and double-checked by others too! Then the printer should give you a draft to check – check for errors in spelling, punctuation, font, colour and the wrong details.
  • Look for inspiration – Pinterest is a great resource to find out what other people have created for their invitations. You can pin your favourites to your own boards too.
  • Know your wedding theme first – it would be great to set the theme for your wedding by showing guests a sneak preview of it in their invitation.
  • Decide on your budget early on – this will dictate many of your invitation options.
  • What shape card do you want to use for your invitations? Choosing a size bigger than the usual 4 by 6-inch card may mean that you must use a larger envelope, creating more cost.
  • Make sure you have a list of all your guest’s addresses before you get the invitations. As well as making the sending of invitations easier, it will also tell you how many you need to order!
  • Paper – there’s plenty of options when it comes to your paper. Handmade or recycled, cardboard or lightweight paper: your budget, personal preferences and wedding theme will help lead you to a decision too.

We have many wonderful wedding invitation suppliers listed in our directory you can consider, and for more advice on choosing your wedding invitations, be sure to check out our selection of wedding invitation articles too!