Mode Of Transport

Congratulations as you approach your special day and to help the day run smoothly, here are some suggestions that will hopefully do that.

When Should I start Planning The Cars?

The sooner the better. Like anything, there’s only a certain amount available and if you are marrying in the ‘wedding season’ they soon get booked out – especially if you require matching vehicles. Traditionally it has been the groom’s responsibility and traditionally is often left extremely late! Many a time we have been phoned in the week of the wedding itself.

What Is The Cost Involved?

This is always the No.1 question people ask. Your options are limitless BUT budget determines the end result.

  • The most economical may be found in your family, friends or neighbourhood! Look out for similar vehicles in model, make or colour and ask if you can borrow them for the day. People are often proud to have their car/ truck etc. on show for a special occasion such as a wedding and as long as you can guarantee who is going to drive (and not abuse!) all it may cost you is petrol. They may even offer to drive it for you. Decorating can then be done by buying special bridal car ribbons from Spotlight; flowers & satin maybe added to rear windows if desired and of course a good clean is essential.

  • If hiring, it’s VERY important to remember that regardless of job-time there will be a set-up cost of preparation of the vehicle (cleaning interior & exterior, dressage and travel to and from depot) therefore ask what is the best value for money. An extra hour may not cost too much more. So often people expect to pay very little because they only require a car for 30 minutes for example.

  • Some Companies charge an hourly rate and so check before your Wedding Day that if things run late, will you be charged extra and do the cars have other appointments to keep. You don’t want to be feel pressured in any way on your Day.

Is There Any Way I Can Save Dollars? - YES, YES, YES.

  • Where possible, use your LOCAL Companies as their charges should be considerably less. If you do insist on something fancy from afar then expect to pay extra.

  • If hiring more than 1 vehicle, ask if there is a discounted rate – it’s worth a try and you could be pleasantly surprised.

  • Choose cars that best suit your Bridal Party – often it’s possible to save money. E.g. If there are young children involved, they may travel in limo with bride to ceremony BUT afterwards they go with their parents, and the Groom (plus his men) join the ladies for the remainder of the time thus eliminating the need for a 2nd vehicle. (Children can get tired by this time and as wine and nibbles etc. are often had, they can easily disrupt this special occasion.)

Choose Carefully

  • A Bride always requires a little more room than generally allowed for – even with a slender dress, she does NOT want to feel or look cramped therefore if a limo normally seats 8 adults, then only allow 7 people maximum.

  • It's nice to be in keeping with any particular theme you have chosen like traditional with horse and gig OR modern with convertibles, but remember there is NO guarantee the weather will take any notice it's your Wedding Day. Have some backup help available (on standby) just in case. i.e. folk with umbrellas etc.

  • Some vehicles aren’t easy to disembark from and almost impossible elegantly - especially with full wedding regalia. So, if you have chosen a horse, motorbike, hummer or helicopter, then consider this and allow distance between you and your guests while you make your grand entry. Even in a beautiful bridal dress, a back end may not be the look you want for everyone!

Most Importantly – Enjoy Your Day!

The Limo Company