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Styles and Trends for Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is the one single event in your life that you have the biggest input in! You have the chance to tailor each aspect of your wedding day to your personal style. Is your personal style; elegant, romantic, vintage, traditional, casual or dramatic?

The style of your wedding dictates many of the details of your wedding. Your style influences the dresses you choose, your venue, the refreshments served and of course the wedding flowers you carry and decorate with.

An elegant wedding often features flowers that complement a sophisticated look. Brides love to select flowers that are white, ivory and soft blush tones. Calla lilies, phalenopsis orchids, and freesias all portray elegance. Wedding bouquets for an elegant wedding are often ‘one off’ designer pieces. The formality of the wedding bouquets is generally repeated in the style of the table designs. Large glass containers are a trend with flowers enclosed within them. Mirror bases can reflect the design and complete your look.

Romantic weddings set the scene for a selection of romantic flowers including soft scented blooms. Traditionally roses are the most romantic of all and come in such a vast range of colours to choose from. Lisianthus are a very popular choice over the summer months. They come in gorgeous pinks and lilacs, creams, greens and whites. Romantic bouquets, whether handtied or formally arranged can be trimmed to match the dress with tule, organza and delicate accessories like crystals or beads. Colours for romantic weddings are generally soft tones.

For those who love the style of yesteryear – a vintage look would be perfect. Vintage blooms feature tones of ecru, caramel, mink, mushroom and other pastel shades. Most vintage weddings incorporate a touch of lace, embroidery and sheer fabrics. Wedding flowers are often accessorized with a piece of vintage jewellery or arranged into a traditional silver holder used for wedding bouquets early last century. Vintage flowers are the traditional old favourites – hellabores and roses, lisanthus in muted tones, sweet little floral treasures like ‘seriera blushing bride’ and lilly of the valley.

Traditional weddings set in a church, with the bride in white, often opt for a traditional trailing wedding bouquet not unlike what Princess Kate carried. This is still a popular and stunning choice. Singapore orchids, freesias, lisianthus and roses are all perfect options to create this look.

In contrast to a traditional wedding many brides choose a casual theme. An outdoor wedding, or simple vows on the beach require a look to reflect the casual atmosphere. It may be gerberas simply tied or just a few blooms arranged to complement the dresses. What ever the look and budget – it can still be beautiful.

Perhaps dramatic may be one of the wedding styles that is the most difficult to define - It certainly has the wow factor! Black continues to be a dramatic feature in lots of weddings enhanced by vibrant colours like hot pink, tangerine and flame. Silver is another very popular combination with striking black dresses and modern accessories. Flowers also add a touch of drama! Long line flowers such as anthiriums or calla lilies combined with glossy foliage could make a statement.

All these wedding styles (elegant, romantic, vintage, traditional or dramatic) evoke an emotion…. ‘Stunning’ ‘Isnt it pretty’, ‘Simply breathtaking’… or ‘Wow – look at that!’

When planning your wedding – carefully consider your personal style. Once weddings were exceptionally traditional and you never strayed from what others had. Our advice is to be a trend setter and dare to be different.

(Source: Cottage Flowers)