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Wedding Flowers Arrangement

What should be included in Wedding Flower Arrangements?

You will soon marry and perhaps you started planning too close to the big day. But did you know where and how to start planning your dream wedding? Are a few ideas needed? Then you should read this and start planning Wedding Flowers Arrangement!

Everyone knows that flowers play an important role in the wedding. This simple guide will help with your planning. But remember, these are just guidelines. Everyone has their own wedding budget, style and theme. Let’s plan ahead for your wedding day to ensure you do not miss anything and avoid any disappointments.

Wedding Bouquets

There are many styles of bouquets to choose from. Do you know what is right for you? How many bridesmaids will you have? Each of them, and your Maid of Honour, will need a bouquet to carry. Generally, bridesmaid bouquets are smaller than yours, but the flowers and the colours match your own bouquet.

What will you do with all those bouquets after the wedding? If you want to keep them for years to come, rather than throw them away, you can preserve these bouquets.


You will use many boutonnières for the groom, best man, the father of the bride and groom, grandfather of the bride and groom, ushers, ring bearer and guest book attendants.

Ceremony Flowers

In the venue, you can have some flower decorations for the altar and aisle or seats. Consult with your florist for decorating ideas.

Flowers Centrepiece

Flower Centrepieces play a very important part of your wedding reception. Without centrepieces, your wedding reception will look bare. You need centrepieces for the head table, gift table, buffet table, guest book table and the bar. You can use different kinds of flowers for the centrepieces. Make sure that all the centrepieces blend with your wedding theme.

Flower Wedding Cake

You can have a few of the flowers to decorate your wedding cake. There are so many ways to decorate wedding cakes with flowers. Check with your florist for the best solution.

Flower Girl(s)

Flower arrangements for the flower girls can be a basket of flower petals and/or a headpiece.

Floral Wedding Favours

You can use a number of unique flowers and simple methods to make favours from flowers.