Is it the bride’s parents or the happy couple themselves who should fit the bill? When it comes to deciding who should pay for the wedding, there are plenty of differing opinions out there. While traditionally it was the bride’s parents who forked out the cash, nowadays the wedding couple is wanting to pay instead. However, should they pay for everything or just certain parts of the day? Can guests be expected to pay for their meals and the bridal party their clothing? Let’s take a look…

Who is Going to Pay for the Wedding?

You’re engaged and the date is set. Planning is about to commence and with that comes the start of a big list of expenses. The days of the bride’s family paying for everything as a form of dowry are gone. You’ll also find the traditional groom’s family expenses of the wedding celebrant, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon also left. That leaves pretty much all of the expenses just ready and waiting to be assigned to someone…

However, should you? Nowadays, couples enter relationships wanting to make their own decisions. If someone else pays, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to make all the decisions. Is that a risk you are willing to take?

If you can’t afford the cost of your dream wedding and are prepared to ‘share the load financially’ with someone else, we’ll discuss your options next.

If Family Pay for the Wedding, What Should They Pay for?

If your family wants to contribute to the cost of your wedding, what should they pay for? Here are some suggestions:

  • Engagement party – the bride’s family can host and welcome him into the family
  • Wedding dress – if you’re not buying your own, your parents may help you here
  • Rehearsal dinner – the groom’s parents can organise and pay for a rehearsal dinner
  • Alcohol – once again, the groom’s family are in charge of supplying alcohol
  • Flowers – the groom and his family are in charge of paying for all floral expenses

While it’s great having someone else pay for a part of your wedding, remember that things can go wrong quickly. Parents can begin to dictate whom they want on the guest list; food choices are made without your consent and you may not even be able to choose your reception venue. We’re beginning to think there’s something in being able to pay for the wedding yourselves…