9 Wedding Planning Hacks to Make a Bride’s Life Easier

Being a bride isn’t easy, which is why we jumped at the chance to share these wedding planning hacks with you. When time isn’t on your side, and you’ve got a million and one things to consider, we think life should give you a break. These nine wedding planning hacks will do just that and more!

9 Wedding Planning Hacks to Lower Your Stress Levels

You’ve spent many hours planning and preparing for your wedding day, and it has taken a toll. You’re so stressed that every little thing seems like a hurdle and the little details are completely trying to take over your life. While it won’t be the end of the world if you forget to do something, we understand it is hard work to remember to do everything. To take the pressure off, we’ve made a list of nine wedding planning hacks for you:

  • Use pre-glued envelopes – save your tongue and use pre-glued envelopes for your invitations and thank you letters. So much nicer and with no horrible taste in your mouth too.
  • High heel attachments – if you’re getting married outdoors on the grass, use some high heel attachments to avoid sinking in and getting stuck. You could even provide them for your guests too.
  • Say no to slippery wedding shoes – your shoes may look amazing, but will they make you slip over? Rub sandpaper on the soles to roughen them up and reduce the chances of slips occurring.
  • Consider a weighted veil – if you don’t want your veil flying everywhere outside, consider having a weighted hem sewn into it. It doesn’t increase the weight of it on your head, but rather keeps it in place. Unless of course, you like the veil blowing in the wind look…
  • Use your own music – if a DJ isn’t within your budget, take your iPad and use the venue’s sound system. Create your own playlist and you’ll be able to listen to exactly what you want.
  • Order two cakes – we’re not being greedy, but rather thinking about a way to save you money. You still have a beautiful tiered wedding cake which is used for the photos, cutting and eating. But you also have a sheet cake which feeds the majority of your guests, and they’re usually cheaper to buy.
  • Wear a white bridesmaid dress – wedding dresses can be so costly, but bridesmaid dresses are cheaper — Hunt out a white bridesmaid dress which you love and wear that instead.
  • Create a wedding planning email address – be kind to yourself and create an email address to be used for only wedding-related things. This will stop your personal emails getting mixed up and save you time hunting for emails.
  • Create a wedding website – this can really cut down on the number of times you need to contact your guests. You can simply refer them to the website to keep up to date with what’s happening instead.

We wish you all the very best for your upcoming nuptials, and encourage you to check out our Marriage Advice & Tips section for more great wedding planning hacks!