We love how a wedding arch can transform a ceremony. Framing the couple, an archway makes the perfect backdrop to be married in front of, underneath or behind. The issue is, many brides dismiss the idea of an arch as it’s seen as old fashioned. Nothing could be further from the truth, with wedding arches regularly popping up at ceremonies and venues. We’re sharing seven wedding arch ideas we love, along with things you’ll need to take into consideration if using a wedding arch on your special day.

7 Gorgeous Ideas for Your Wedding Arch

Here are seven of our favourite ideas for wedding arches:

  • Long and flowing – if your ceremony location contains tall trees, wrap a soft floaty fabric over a few branches to create an archway which gently blows with the breeze.
  • Driftwood – a beach wedding ceremony would look fabulous with an arch made with driftwood. You can join pieces together with thick rope and wrap flowers around to match your bouquet.
  • Floral – arrange long-stemmed flowers into trailing bouquets and attach to your wedding arch for a romantic backdrop. You could also hang little flowers like a ribbon curtain, or even lightweight pot plants too.
  • Wooden arbour – if you’re marrying in a garden, use a wooden arbour as your wedding arch. Draped with fabric, flowers and foliage you can transform the drab into something special.
  • Willow branches – use willow branches or other ‘bendy’ branches to build the arch with. Know any willow weavers you could source these from?
  • Flower wall – don’t have anywhere to put your arch? Or are you marrying indoors, and a stand-alone arch won’t work? Why not create one with flowers and vines upon a wall?
  • Doorway arch – a doorway makes a great frame, and if you’re lucky enough to have a stunning one at your ceremony or reception venue, then use it as your archway!

Considerations for Your Wedding Arch

You’ve decided on the type of arch you’d like to have, and you need to look around for one to hire, make your own or commission someone to make one for you. But before you do, here are some things you’ll need to consider:

  • Transportation and set up – how will the arch get to your wedding venues? Who will set it up and pack it away?
  • Size – how large will your arch be, and will it fit in the venue (and through the doorway)?
  • Budget – how much of your wedding budget can you allocate to it?
  • Presentation – how will the archway stand up? Will it require any tools to attach it to a wall?
  • Photo booth – could you use your wedding arch as an impromptu photo booth backdrop for guests to use? Might as well make use of it!

We hope that you’ve been inspired by our wedding arch ideas! For more great ideas on decorating your wedding venues, read our collection of Wedding Decoration articles.