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How to Choose A Best Man – 6 Tips for Grooms-to-Be

You’re getting married, and you need to choose a best man. This can be a problem because there often isn’t a clear cut choice about who you should pick. Pressure from your fiancé, your parents, and your mates can leave you in a quandary about who to choose as your best man. Let us help you choose by walking you through the key points you’ll need to consider.

6 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Best Man

While your options for your best man are not infinite, you most likely have a few you could pick from. We’ve made a list of six important things to think about before you ask someone.

  • Make a list of your possible options. Is it a clear cut choice, or is it more complex with many men vying for the job?
  • Think of the responsibilities they’ll need to undertake. Organising the bachelor party, welcoming guests, making sure the groom makes it to the altar in one piece, looking after the rings, giving the best man’s speech, etc. Does he have the skills to perform these jobs?
  • What kind of personality will your best man need? Will they perform all of their duties effectively, taking their responsibility seriously? You wouldn’t want them to get drunk during the wedding, embarrassing you, your partner, and your family. Being friendly, outgoing and helpful are good traits to look for in a best man.
  • Can you trust them? Have they supported you through your relationship with your partner? Can you be certain that they won’t let you down?
  • Will your future wife be happy with your choice? They would like you to choose a best man who will do anything to ensure your wedding day is a magical experience. Someone who would bring up embarrassing moments or old flames at your wedding should be avoided.

Don’t feel obligated to pick any one person; it’s important you pick the right person for the job. If you are having trouble choosing between two or more best friends, why not pick them both and just split the duties between them?

Take your time in choosing a best man to ensure that the right person is picked for the role. While your wedding day is about you and your bride, the people you choose to support you do play an important role in its success. Once you have asked him and he’s agreed, make sure you start organising your wedding suits. Take a read of our article The Suit Guide for some great tips and to find the perfect suit, be certain to check out our Wedding Suits & Menswear category