5 practical and essential things you must take into account when choosing the perfect wedding venue for your special day

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to planning your perfect, dream-come-true wedding day. An experienced wedding photographer will do more than just take photos; they’ll also become your confidante and advisor extraordinaire…

… in 50 years time when you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it’ll be photographs and videos you’ll be looking at and sharing stories from…

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding day, it’s always a good idea to invite your photographer to share their wedding venue experience so you can avoid potential heartache and stress. After all, their opinions and ideas are based on many hours of professional experience in photographing weddings at all sorts of venues.

Your wedding photographer will take the Big-Picture viewpoint when it comes to choosing your perfect venue. Here are five Big-Picture Considerations to take into account and think about:

  1. Accommodation – For you, your betrothed, your guests – before and on the night of your wedding. If it’s available you have a choice – if not, you don’t and this is something else you’ll need to plan for.
  2. Look and feel – the ambience of your wedding (eg, rustic, modern, contemporary, outdoors, bush, beach, riverside, farm, at home)
  3. Backdrop scenes – remember to take into account nature’s calendar when selecting your venue: sun glare, autumnal shading, etc.
  4. Weather on the day – What is Plan B if it rains?
  5. Terrain – How easy will it be to access that perfect shot in high heels (who’s going to carry your gumboots if necessary?); can great aunt Martha get there under her own steam?

Obviously, there are financial, catering and availability considerations to take into account. Do remember though that your wedding photographer has attended far more weddings at far more venues than you are likely to have done and so will know all the ins and outs of various venues on your list. Most wedding photographers will be only too happy to share their wisdom gained through experience.

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