Planning a wedding is very exciting, but it can also cause stress, and sometimes panic on the day, despite your best laid plans.

Most couples starting out on their wedding plans decide that their choice of venue tops their priority list. Then, once you have selected where you want the big day to take place it becomes easier to slot in all your other wishes to bring the dream alive.

To do this, many find they want to celebrate the occasion amidst the old world ambience and charm that can only be found in a heritage or classic building. Then, they find its easier to choose how to decorate the room, the style of their dress, and the flowers, all to match the romantic atmosphere of their chosen place. Your wedding entourage may want to ride there too in vintage cars, or on a horse drawn carriage, to hark back to the values of a former era, the values you want your wedding to signify and remember.

Many venues that frequently cater for weddings have a databank of useful information on good photographers, hairdressers, florists, and celebrants, and they are happy to recommend them, and otherwise assist with your planning. They will work with you on the important details too: Where should the head table be located? Where should the cake be placed, and when should you cut it? Their knowledge and experience is there for you to call upon, and they want to help you make your big day everything you want it to be.

A good venue planner will be attentive to all your wishes, but also will not hesitate to recommend a different approach for you to consider, based on their extensive experience.

One venue we know that ticks all the right boxes is The Esplanade Hotel in Devonport, Auckland. Devonport captures an aura of romance, from its history, waterfront, and village. It’s compact and easy to walk about. You can even arrive on a horse drawn carriage!

The Esplanade Hotel right on the waterfront is ideal for your reception, and if you are planning an expansive, large occasion the Esplanade Hotel is happy to act as your base and provide accommodation while recommending large, nearby venues for your reception.

The Esplanade Hotel also offers a superb two night Penthouse wedding package - the first night for the bride and bridesmaids,then with the married couple spending their wedding night. You can even walk from the hotel to all the services such as hairdressing you require. It makes sense to plan your wedding in such a relaxing place.

Our best wishes for the wedding of your dreams.