Finding a jeweller who can design and make my perfect engagement and wedding rings

How do I find a jeweller who can design and make my perfect engagement and wedding rings?

Getting engaged is a very exciting time and for most girls it is not only about the proposal but also about finally getting a beautiful engagement ring to wear. Finding a jeweller who can create the perfect ring for you, based on all the various criteria you have, is easy if you arm yourself with the following research:

If you want a custom designed ring (which will often work out to be more affordable than an “off the shelf” ring) you need to find a designer jeweller that you can form a good working relationship with. This jeweller will not only be guiding you through what you can achieve based on your ideas and style but also the best and most affordable way to create your ring.

Having some ideas of what styles, stones, metal colors you like definitely helps before you make an appointment to sit down with the jeweller. Even taking along some images of rings you like is a good idea as it forms a starting point for the conversation.

Selecting a designer jeweller gives you the confidence that they have the perfect mix of skills to create a ring or rings (remember the boys get one too!) that will last you for your lifetime together. Having this relationship with your jeweller will ensure that you are 100% happy with your custom designed ring - remember you are making a significant decision!

Jewellery Valuation Certificates

Once you have your new ring, you will need a jewellery valuation certificate for insurance purposes in case (heaven forbid!) your precious ring gets lost or stolen. A registered gemologist and valuer will be able to provide this for you - all the better if it is the jeweller who has already created your ring.

Some other questions to consider discussing with your jeweller are: how often do I need to renew my valuation certificate, is the first valuation certificate complimentary with my purchase, how often does the ring need to be checked, is there a charge for cleaning my rings, what guarantee do you offer.

There are no set rules!

The good news is that in today’s modern world you can literally decide to wear whatever you want as an engagement ring. Some women prefer a traditional diamond or diamonds (they are most girls’ best friend!) but others prefer a particular colored stone or re- modeling of a family ring.

Having a jeweller and gemologist at your finger tips is essential if you really want advice on what to choose as there really is a wonderful array of beautiful precious gemstones out there, not to mention precious metals to choose from: yellow, rose or white gold, palladium, platinum, titanium to name a few.

Your jeweller is the key...

Remember that purchasing your engagement and wedding jewellery is a significant event and one that you want to share with someone you can trust. Shop around and talk with a few designer jewellers before you commit to commissioning one to make, remodel or design your engagement and wedding rings. Make sure you are talking to the actual jeweller as they are the key to perfecting your custom designed and made rings.

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