Here are some helpful tips to help you find the right hotel for you...

Booking Online

Many hotel-booking websites provide you with all the information that you need to know to make your choice before arriving at your destination. Their website will include pictures of their rooms and facilities so you will know what to expect beforehand. You can also specify that you want a particular room, such as a front facing one, or one near / far from the lobby.

Reviews / Testimonials

The best way to find out about the pros and cons of a hotel is to read what past guests have to say about it. A hotel review site will give you the full picture, as those leaving reviews and testimonials do not have a vested interest. Typing the name of your hotel plus 'review' into Google will tell you everything that you need to know.


Coupon books that offer discounts at hotels can be picked up at airports, train stations and travel agents. There are also websites which provide coupons for various hotel chains. Many of these coupons can secure you great savings of at least 10%. They may come with some restrictions, but it is definitely worth looking into before making a booking.


Always consider cleanliness and sanitation when deciding which hotel to book. It is not at all recommended to try and save money by staying in a hotel that cuts costs by not providing an environment that is 100% healthy and clean. It is hard to tell how clean a hotel is by just looking at pictures of it, so you will need to try and find some reviews about it. As a rule of thumb, you can always expect the larger hotel chains to be the cleanest.


Hotels are available to meet all budgets, so you will always have options available. Prices can spiral if you are not careful though, so watch out for any hidden costs. Once you have worked out the maximum amount that you can afford to spend on your hotel, the next step is to look at which hotels within that price range offer the best value for money.