I wrote and delivered the perfect wedding speech as maid of honour for my sister’s wedding. Thanks to the information in the world wide web, I found tips and guides to help me write a great wedding speech. If not for the tips and tricks I applied to my speech, I never would have made a great wedding speech.

I was worried at first when I found out that I was going deliver a speech as a maid of honour at my sister’s wedding. I was not sure that I will be able to write or deliver a good speech during the wedding. I didn’t want to embarrass or disappoint my sister, so I was stressing out over how I can make a good speech.

I looked for expert advise on how to write and deliver a speech, and I found some guides that helped me. I want to share some tips with you so you can be on your way to writing a great wedding speech or toast.

  1. Find a single theme and stick with it. A theme is what we can call a topic of your speech. You can say anything you want, tell an anecdote or joke, but you have to have a single over-arching theme that will serve as the glue to make your speech precise, succinct, and coherent. As long as you have one theme, you will be understood by the people listening to you.

  2. Once you have a theme going, you need to have a point to your speech. Whether you want to be funny, inspirational, or dramatic it is all up to you. The important thing to remember is to make a point. Don’t just be funny just for the sake of being funny. A wedding speech is not stand up comedy. You need to impart something that will leave a good impression to your audience, especially the bride and groom.

  3. When you want to deliver a good speech, you need to rehearse as much as possible. If possible, rehearse with someone else so that a second or third person can hear your delivery and honestly critique it. This can make you improve your speech as fast and as efficient as possible.

I applied all of the above and it guided me to writing the best wedding speech as a maid of honour. You too can follow simple tips, guides, and strategies to help you write the best wedding speech or toast.