"Love" is a miracle word that has all the potential in the world to change people.

For love, people will do anything or give up anything.

Love gives the courage and the joy to fight for a cause. When we dare to love”, we learn the ability to give strength to each other as we begin our life’s journey together.

COCOMELODY is your partner in this dare-to-love journey. As witnesses to love, we believe that behind every confident sweet smile is resolute love and deep commitment. We know you deserve the magnificent joy of love, and we believe everyone deserves love, the most valuable happiness in the world. In COCOMELODY, we are your happiness builder, helping to create a joyful, unique experience for all our beloved friends.

COCOMELODY values the process of creation we build with every bride. We believe brides should be able to confidently present their unique beauty in a resplendent yet comfortable manner. Hand in hand, we will walk you through your own personalized ordering service, supported by our wealth of experience in tailoring, fitting, dressing, fabric selection, and colour choice. Together we will make a perfect fit for you.

A beautiful wedding dress represents a lifelong promise, a promise we care about deeply. COCOMELODY puts every effort into picking the right fabrics, silk, tulle, organza, and embellishments from all over the world. Our experienced dressmakers lovingly stitch each handcrafted detail and decoration, sewing happiness piece by piece to create a work of art that will be the centrepiece of your wedding celebration and the perfect expression of your love for one another.

Let COCOMELODY stand by you and guide you in this daunting yet exhilarating process of entering this new and uncharted world of marriage. We will support your courage in starting a new life together…

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