Unless you’re a bridezilla, knowing what the traditional maid of honour duties are will be of interest to you. After all, you don’t want to ask this bridal party member to do something that they haven’t signed up to do! It’s also useful to know what their responsibilities are so you can both discuss them at the same time you ask your BFF to help you out. This way, there’s no confusion and no upset feathers in the lead up to your wedding day. The maid of honour is the chief bridesmaid. She holds several key responsibilities above and beyond those of the other bridesmaids. It’s these responsibilities we’re going to list for you today.

What Duties Does the Maid of Honour Do?

It’s a big honour to be asked, but it does come with its responsibilities. Being a maid of honour isn’t for everyone, so knowing what duties they’ll possibly have to do helps you choose the right person. Maid of honour duties can include:

  • Helping to find the perfect wedding dress. Attend dress try-on’s and fittings
  • Listening to the bride’s successes and worries: being there emotionally
  • Organise and host the bridal shower
  • Attend pre-wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner and engagement party
  • Help the bride dress on her wedding day, and carry her bustle if necessary
  • Bring an emergency kit for the bride with things such as band-aids to sewing thread
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet at the altar
  • Sign the marriage license as a witness
  • Assist with playing hostess at the reception
  • Give a toast and/or speech at the reception
  • Collect wedding gifts if necessary and keep safe for the couple
  • Supervise the catering team if needed
  • Answer queries on the day from guests and event staff
  • Pass messages on and answer queries about the wedding
  • Be moral support for the bride
  • Help guide and direct the bridesmaids, they are a role model and peace-broker
  • Take the wedding dress to the dry cleaners the day after the wedding
  • Be there to help during and after the honeymoon. Buying some groceries before the couple return, or watering their houseplants could be useful.

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