Even the most organised bride will have some level of wedding regrets. Whether they’re minor, such as listing things they don’t really want on the wedding gift registry, or major such as letting themselves be talked into the wrong wedding dress, no bride wants them. But what if you knew ahead of time what the biggest regrets a bride could have? We’ve done our research to help you avoid looking back and thinking, “I wish I’d ...”

What Are the Biggest Wedding Regrets a Bride Can Have?

The problem with hindsight is that it focuses on what has happened, but it can’t help you change the past. Unless of course, you are using the hindsight of someone else. This is where this list of wedding regrets will come in handy. We’re sharing the experiences of a few brides to help you avoid looking back and regretting things from your wedding day:

  • Inviting too few or too many guests – look over your guest list carefully again and again.
  • Styles – will your gown type and hairstyles look good in photos in years to come? Choosing what’s fashionable over what’s timeless is something to consider.
  • Engagement photos – will you look back and regret not having an engagement shoot?
  • Ceremony length – a short ceremony sounds good, letting you move onto quickly to the next activity of the day. But will a longer ceremony give you more memories, or bore your guests?
  • Smoke machines – save this for the nightclub, not your wedding! How will you see what’s happening, let alone have great photos of your first dance?
  • Relying on the opinion of others – you’ve got to wear your wedding dress and look at photos of you wearing it for years to come. Don’t just pick it because others say it looks good. Pick it because you think it looks good.
  • Shoes – those designer shoes may look great, but are they comfortable? High heels may be fashionable, but can you stand all day without getting sore feet? Will you ever wear them again?
  • Photographer – a friend of a friend may offer to do your wedding photos cheap, but will they be any good? Do your research into finding a photographer who uses a style you like and has a great portfolio for you to look through before hiring them.

We’d also like to give you one further piece of advice to avoid wedding regrets: planning! Be prepared and plan for every eventuality. Our Bridal Tips article section is full of great ideas and advice to get your wedding planning off to a great start.