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9 Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

You’re getting married, and the last thing you want to consider are the wedding expenses. Yet, your budget plays a major role in the lead-up and on your special day. The great news is that you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank, and today we’re sharing nine ways you can look at reducing your wedding expenses.

9 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Expenses

If you’re dreaming of the perfect wedding but are worried you won’t achieve it due to finances, then read on! Here are nine ways you can cut back on your wedding expenses:

  • Guestlist – is inviting Great Aunty Mabel or your old neighbour from childhood really that essential? One of the first things you can look at is to cut your guest list down. Concentrate on the most important friends and family to you and your partner, not your third cousin twice removed. Download our Guest Checklist for extra help in making your list.
  • Wedding style – a less formal wedding will be considerably cheaper, such as at the beach or even in your backyard.
  • Wedding invitations – keep them simple. There is no need to use custom printed invitations, as DIY ones are perfectly acceptable. Or you could go eco-friendly and email your invitations instead.
  • Wedding rings - instead of more expensive platinum or 18-carat gold rings, consider stainless steel or 9-carat gold rings. You can always upgrade your rings in the future when funds allow.
  • Flowers - consult with your florist to get flowers that are cheaper but look just as good as a more expensive variety. You could even pick flowers from your garden or purchase inexpensive bunches and make your own bouquet.
  • Reception food – keep it simple! You could cater it yourself or ask guests to bring a plate as their gift and BYO alcohol.
  • Wedding dress – buy a second-hand wedding dress or hire one for a fraction of the cost of a new dress.
  • Use your family and friends – ask talented friends to help with the photography, catering, decorating or even bake your cake for you.
  • Photography / Videography - Choose an appropriate wedding photography package that meets your requirements, but remains within budget.

Having the perfect wedding but staying within budget is all about planning and compromising. Stick to your guns for what’s important but let go of the little things you could do without.

Good luck!