Five Creative Ways to Ask ‘Will You Be In My Wedding Party?’

Will you be a part of my wedding party? It’s an exciting question to ask, as well as one to be asked! But the truth to be told, it’s rather dull. When the sky’s the limit as to the ways you can ask someone to be your bridesmaid or groomsman, why settle for a plain question?

Five Awesome Ways of Asking Your Potential Wedding Party

If you’ve ever been asked to be in a wedding party, you’ll understand what an exciting moment it can be. But what if the moment could be spiced up, giving the person a real wow factor instead?

Here are five creative ways to invite someone to be a part of your wedding party:

  • A special day out – take the girls out to the spa, and get their nails manicured and pedicured. Or take the boys out for a drink or a round of golf. Ask everyone the question at the same time and wait for the choruses of yes!
  • Customise a wine label – take round a bottle of wine to their home and let the label do the talking! You’d need to create and then print out a new label, before glueing it to the wine bottle.
  • Make a gift pack – fill up a tote bag with wedding related items and give it to your chosen wedding party members. Include something they’d need to use on the wedding day, and if they are unable to guess what it’s for after some clues, just ask the question!
  • Create a customised t-shirt – you could either wear the t-shirt yourself, revealing it to them when the time is right. Or you could wrap it up and give it to them as a gift.
  • Host a party – you’ve seen the gender reveal balloons and cakes before? The ones which have either blue or pink inside them depending on the gender of the baby? What about writing the question down and putting it inside a balloon, which you then inflate. Ask the person to pop the balloon and read the message. Or you could ask the question by icing it onto a cake, which you place in front of them.

While we’ve shared five great ideas with you, there are many more wonderful ways to ask someone to be a part of your wedding. Be sure to check out more of our bridesmaid tips and wedding planning tools too.