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Should I Hire or Buy a Wedding Dress?

Should I Buy a Wedding Dress? Pros and Cons

If you choose to buy your own dress, you’re able to work with the designer or the bridal shop directly. They’ll work towards creating the perfect dress for you, tailored to fit your dimensions. You will receive your dress well in advance, giving you plenty of time to organise your matching accessories such as a veil and shoes. In terms of a custom designed versus a pre-designed wedding gown, you’ll have more options with a customised one. You can make the dress your own by adding personal touches that emphasise who you are, which is tricky to do with a pre-designed version. Finally, the biggest plus you’ll receive if you choose to buy a wedding dress is that you can keep it forever, as a lasting keepsake of the happiest day of your life!
On the other hand, buying a wedding dress can be very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars. When you buy a wedding dress, expect to have plenty of your time taken up with fittings. Storing and maintaining your dress is also something you’ll need to consider. While dry cleaners can clean and package wedding dresses for storage, there’s no guarantee that it will remain in great condition as time passes. You’re also going to need to find the room at home to store it too!

Should I Hire a Wedding Dress?

Hiring a wedding dress can save you money, which is great when you are working with a tight budget. It leaves you the option of spending that cash on other aspects related to your wedding day. There are fewer fittings required, so less time is spent trying on your dress. You don’t need to worry about storing and maintaining your dress, as it will get returned to the store soon after the wedding day. You can also organise a hired dress ahead of time, which lets you find the perfect wedding accessories.
Then there are the cons of hiring a wedding dress. As the dress isn’t made especially for you, finding the perfect fit is a challenge, especially if you have a plus size figure. There is also the liability to factor in, as you will be required to pay for any damage. You can’t add your own personality to a hired dress either, as it must be returned in exactly the same condition you received it.

Which way are you leaning?

Will you hire or buy a wedding dress? There’s no right or wrong answer, but rather that your decision must feel right with you. Once you have chosen it, we’d love you to share details of it with us! If you can, a photo would be fabulous posted on our Facebook page too!

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