Looking through the camera or acting naturally?

A bit of both. I get the couple to be playful and have fun together to capture some beautiful natural photos. With love in the mix, it is always successful! I also get you to pose together and individually.

To avoid…

If you try too hard to hold their head in a certain position the chin can end up being too far up or down. I'll let you know if that's the case though. Sometimes there's the subconscious reflex of miming the position of the photographer’s head, slightly sideways and tilted down, and it doesn't look quite right!

Photo timing

My favorite time of the day for the photo is sunset, but most of the time it is quite difficult to integrate that into the organization. So morning or afternoon doesn’t really affect me much. If you can avoid 11 am to 4 pm it is best, as the sun is really high and bright, which makes hard shadows on the face and very strong contrast. But, again, I have tricks to deal well with that.


I recommend the bride feel great in her makeup before anything else! This past year the trends have turned to natural looks, which work really well with most brides; they feel beautiful as themselves. But of course, a touch of light-reflecting powder on the cheeks, temples, forehead, chin and nose helps too. A little bit of eyeliner and a good dark mascara contrast well with the whites of the eyes and make them appear nicer.

Best pieces of advice before the big day

The best thing to do is try to be relaxed. For that make sure that you won’t have anything to do, that every task has been allocated to someone else and that everything is well organized. As for the organizing the photography side of the wedding I always meet the couple before to visualize how the photography will be and discuss any particular needs. I sometimes do an engagement photo shoot as well, which helps the couple to be totally comfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day. If you really want to practice looking good in photos, spend a few minutes in front of the mirror and check out your different smiles and expressions and work on good posture (back and shoulders). Professional models spend hours doing that so don’t be shy! And remember, on the big day all you have to do is to be yourself: the happiest you ever. These are the people I really love to photograph. Also let me know if there is any family situation to avoid: an uncle and his wife both there but still very angry with each other… a deaf granddad… Although I can most of the time find out myself. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

Trust my skills

As a wedding photographer, I know how to be discrete and considerate. I am also able to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. And my final bonus is that I can offer fun and creative ideas.

My favorite part of the day

I really enjoy the time shared with the couple and the bridal party. Those intimate moments are where the magic happens!