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Mother of the Bride & Groom

Mother of the Bride or Groom is a very important and well deserved position to be in. They have put you or your husband to be ahead of themselves most probably for the most part of your life. Your wedding day is very a significant milestone in their lives so why not try and make it a stress free as possible for their special time.

Here are a few tips on how to make this happen for your mum and or mum in-law.

When to Shop Encourage them not to leave shopping for their outfit to the last minute, as this certainly helps the stress level. Offer to take them shopping, that way they can be happy of your approval of the chosen outfit at the time of purchase.

When shopping for that special outfit go prepared, make-up and hair done nicely so she is feeling good about herself. If she has a particular pair of shoes she wants to wear or even the height shoe she is comfortable wearing, take them along with you when you shop, it will help with the overall look of any outfit your mum or mum in-law might try.

Timing Keeping seasonal stock deliveries in mind it’s best to allow at least 2 to 6 months to find that special outfit. She may find it at the 1st store or she may not. Worse case scenario she ends up needing something to be specifically made she'll need 6 to 8 weeks up her sleeve.

Colour Let her know what colour your Brides Maids are wearing as it will help with her decision of what will best look fab on her and what will best compliment and co-ordinate with the wedding party. Also communication between mum and mum in-law is good so there can be no disappointment when the two of them turn up in the same colour outfit.

What Style outfit to choose? Keeping an open mind is the best way to shop. Go with plenty of time and have a good old time trying on different styles and colours, even those she my not have given a second look before, you both maybe pleasantly surprised.

Accessorising her outfit It is very important to get her accessories right for her outfit. This is not just aesthetic but for comfort and functionality.

From the top; Hat? Fascinator ? Either of these two options will work. 98% of ladies will prefer to go with the fascinator option for several reasons. The main reason is for comfort. A good fascinator will stay in her hair all day 'n' night and she would have forgot she was even wearing one. Other reasons, no worries about having to take it off as you would with a hat and being left with flat hat hair.

For those phew ladies that would prefer not to wear anything, just remember there are going to be lots of beautifully dressed guests at this wedding and to differentiate between the Mother of the Bride & Groom can sometimes be the difference of a simple fascinator. I see the fascinator playing a very important roll. Here’s an exercise, stand in front of the mirror all dressed up in the outfit looking gorgeous without a fascinator then put on the right fascinator to go with the outfit and there is no question, it is like framing a picture, it is the finishing touch!

Moving down ever so slightly; Jewellery All comes down to the neck line shape and if there is a particular colour that she would like to enhance in her outfit. Earrings, something subtle that works with the necklace if unable to match.

Moving further down; the Hand Bag A necessary piece of equipment I'm sure you'll agree. Just remember it needs to be big enough to carry that touch up make-up, a handkerchief for the tears of joy and her cell phone. The colour of the bag will probably be reflected in the shoes but can also go with the fascinator if they are different from one another.

Finally the feet; Shoes Comfortable of course, this goes without saying. Colour totally depends on colouration of the outfit. Usually either black, silver or gunmetal will work with 99% of outfits. Gunmetal is a very good reflector of colour where black can in some instants be to heavy depending on the shoe style.

Well, I hope these tips help and the only other piece of advise I can add is HAVE FUN, it’s all about feeling good and looking great!

(Source: Corina's House Of Fashion)