The main thing that people think about when it comes to a wedding video is, rather unsurprisingly, the video. Our first thoughts normally turns to what equipment will be used to film the wedding but capturing the sound is something that’s equally as important in getting a great video.

If your wedding is taking place in a large church or outdoor venue the cameras may need to be placed quite far away from the action, so it may be necessary for the groom to wear a lavaliere (clip on) mic to capture the sound from the bride, groom and celebrant. Don’t worry too much about the physical presence of the mic - they can be easily concealed behind a tie or boutonniere, but check that it’s something your videographer can offer you.

You may have already made plans for a microphone at the ceremony, so if this is the case, let your videographer know so that he can take a feed from the mixing desk. It’s little things like this that make the video look and sound fantastic.

The other place that sound is a key element is during the speeches. Again, if the cameras are going to be placed at the back of the room you’ll generally need a mic to be placed somewhere near the speakers. If they are all speaking from the same place then a mic can easily be set up near the action. Lavaliere mic’s are again a possibility so it’s important that you know whether you’ll need to tell the MC or videographer to clip this on before the speech starts. It’s only a 10 second job, and again can make all the difference to the quality of the video.