When couples start making plans for their weddings, it’s often booking a photographer that sits as one of the highest items on the to do list. Photography has been a part of weddings for decades and it’s now a given that there will be a photographer at the event in some capacity.

By contrast wedding videography is a relatively new media, but it’s slowly starting to become as essential an ingredient to the full wedding package as photography has always been.

The rise in the popularity of wedding videos has gone hand in hand with the advancements in video technology over the past decade. Video quality that used to be reserved for Hollywood studios is now available to a far greater number of professional videographers, and with the power available in modern day computers, that quality mixed with professional editing software has led to some outstanding results.

For many the decision on whether or not to hire a videographer is still up in the air, but photography and videography should be services that compliment rather than compete with one another. Just as a wedding video cannot capture a single moment in time, a great memory that can sit on a mantelpiece or adorn an album - no photo can convey the emotion or heartfelt sentiment of a great speech, the readings and vows during the ceremony, or the great music that accompanied the first dance.

As both a photographer and videographer I’m lucky to witness the reactions of a lot of people as they sit down and enjoy their photos and videos for the first time, and it’s something that’s always a pleasure to witness. Recently I’ve noticed that it’s the videography that gets the most emotional reaction. As the wedding day passes in such a flash, and so many moments are forgotten along the way, there’s nothing like being able to sit down after the event and soak up the ceremony and the speeches from the comfort of the couch.

Video in general is currently going through a huge rise in popularity and people are consuming more and more of it as social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo continue to receive millions of hits every day. Having a 5 minute highlight video is a fantastic way for people to sit and get a beautifully crafted, personalised story of how your wedding panned out. It’s something that couples are constantly amazed by in terms of the reaction they get, and also a fantastic way for all the guests to get a reminder of the key events from the best seat in the house.

Over the coming articles I’ll try and elaborate on some of the most commonly asked questions from prospective clients when it comes to booking a videographer for their wedding. Feel free to dip into the topics that interest you, and if there’s a subject that you’d like covered in a future article please contact myweddingguide.co.nz and we’ll look to make it happen.