Should I get a friend to take my wedding photos to save money?

Some couples will spend thousands on a wedding photographer to make sure that they get everything documented throughout the entire day safe in the knowledge that they are getting a highly professional service.

While this option is excellent if you have it available not everyone has the budget to devote thousands of dollars to photography.

How much of your budget you devote to areas such as photography is completely up to you, and at some point many people will have asked if they should get ‘The Friend’ to take their photos instead.

The Friend could be anyone from ‘someone with a camera’, through to a talented amateur photographer or a professional photographer who doesn’t want to ask for money because you are their friend.

While talented amateurs and professional photographers will provide quality photos there is obvious dangers with using a photographer who is not completely proficient with their camera equipment and also how to take wedding photos.

Many moments of your wedding will give your photographer one chance to get those photos that capture that special unique feeling, your photographer should be up to that task, it’s only fair to you.

However the options don’t stop at either expensive professional or friend, there are also a range of photographers who will happily provide you professional quality photos at an economic price that will often also be scaled to your budget.

But at the end of the day what are the pros and cons of either option?

The Friend knows you well, and will be looking to give you the best photos that they can, but they will also want to be a part of the celebration as a guest. They may also not have either the time, skill, or equipment to provide the level of service that you will expect for your photography. As far as an economic option goes they are normally very hard to beat.

The Professional will normally only meet you once or twice in the lead-up to your wedding day, and will also be looking to provide you with the very best photos possible. However this level of impartiality can be a real asset. The Professional is not a guest, they do not expect to be part of the celebration, they are there to get the best photos - that’s it, period. The Professional will also have the time available, skill base, and equipment to make sure they get these special photos that you expect and deserve.

So how you plan your wedding is of course always up to you. Your budget will be one of the biggest forces that will shape your wedding. Considering your options for your wedding photography carefully can give you the real ability to get professional wedding photos at an economic price that you can actually afford.

And if you decide to move in the other direction then I expect that you will be looking up your friends with cameras. No matter which direction you choose in the end just be sure that you are happy with the service that you will get on your big day, and enjoy yourselves.