Why Choose a Professional Photographer

Once the gowns and suits have been worn, the cake eaten, the wine sipped and the meal consumed. All that you have left to represent your Wedding Day are the rings, the piece of paper & the memories, the photographic images captured and created by your Photographer.

It is vital when choosing a Photographer that you choose an actual Wedding Photographer, a professional, not someone who just photographs Weddings every now and then. There are a lot of weekend Photographers now since the cost of cameras has come down.

Choose wisely as most Weekend Photographers don’t have the experience to deal with all environments, the post production or the skills to manage all the personalities of the people they are shooting that day.

Professional Photographers create an environment you can just be yourself in. They know how to deal with the weather, the light, composition, creating the right space where couples can just enjoy each other. A special time capturing, directing, creating and recording. An experienced Photographer has the knowledge to use the environment and the light correctly, to deal with all situations and to work the “crowd” to get the best from them.

Hiring a Professional Photographer to capture your day is an investment that gains in value as the images will stand the test of time to be enjoyed by your grand children. They will have the right equipment to deal with lighting challenges. They create a plan to ensure they do the best job they can for you.

They do a reccie of the area that they will be shooting in on the day & consider even the smallest details that will have impact in the outcome. They are familiar with a lot of locations and know a lot of the nooks and crannies and magic spots they can take you too.

They know how to pose and direct you. They consider the light, the background and the dynamics of you as a couple and your Bridal Party. An experienced Wedding Photographer will have a number of poses to use as standard and they will work with you to come up with more exciting and personal poses to suit your personality and feelings on the day.

They take great photos and then use the professional tools available to them to create images that are fantastic yet remain faithful to the reality of the moment. They will have a backup plan just in case the Photographer suffers an injury or sickness prior to the Wedding Day.Most importantly they use a professional lab for the process of images, Wall Art and Albums, maintaining a high quality.

Professional Photographers will have a standard Wedding contract form that they will use when booking your Wedding. Simply writing your name and phone number in a diary is not enough. A deposit is generally required on confirmation of the booking. This can vary but is often around 25%.

New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers

The only qualifying body for professional photographers in NZ. They have a website that lists over 360 members across the country & has a stringent membership criteria of Photographers who are qualified, awarded & experienced.

You don’t get a second chance to create great images!