Wedding Decorations Ideas

Every bride may dream of having a huge wedding but not all of them intend to have a theme. A lot of brides just want something special at the wedding without props and stuff. This makes planning the wedding décor harder because having a theme generally narrows down the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for wedding decoration ideas that aren’t theme specific, you need to start with two things, a color scheme and the kind of wedding you’re having. The décor for a formal wedding will differ from that of an informal or semi-formal event. The color scheme can help you pick out flowers, table ware, table linen and the centerpieces.

A lot of couples like to add a personal touch to the décor and this is usually done by adding photo frames on the tables and leaving personal thank you notes for the guests in the favor boxes or bags. While it’s a great way to add a personal touch, it can still leave things looking a little barren; nowadays couples are going for bigger and more expensive décor and food.

Find something simple and elegant that can complement the personal touch that you’re looking to add. Avoid using big floral arrangements with picture frames because they’re likely to overshadow them. Use centerpieces that are shorter in height than the photo frame like fruit arrangements and fresh fruit bouquets. Not only is fruit the kind of centerpiece that can go with just about anything, but it’s also edible and the arrangements themselves are beautiful which is just what you need to have wedding arrangements that are unique even without a theme.