Tashina Narelle Photo & Video

There is only one you, and just like you, your story is unique. Whether it be through the frozen moments of photography or the moving memories from video, the most important thing to me is capturing and telling your story.

These captured seconds in time are what connect us back to a place, a moment and the people we love. It’s these connections that drive me as a wedding photographer. I not only want to capture the moments for you, but I also want to craft an experience for you, to help you create memories that you will look back on for years to come.

Hi, I’m Tashina Narelle, and I would love to meet you and hear your story! I believe being your wedding photographer/videographer is more than just capturing your day, it’s about being your sounding board through the planning process if needed, the one to remind you to breathe when the nerves hit and your cheerleader through all the special moments. When I turn up to capture your day, I don’t want you to see a stranger, I want to see your friend with a camera. If that is what you want out of your wedding experience, drop me a line and let’s book a date to meet.


“Working with Tashina was an absolute joy and so much fun, and the time we had with her was definitely a highlight...Tashina truly went out of her way to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible and her level of communication throughout the process was amazing - very personal and very thoughtful. She took the time to get to know us, what we were after and understand how she could best help us - a true professional! And the little touches of support along the way, photography or otherwise, made the occasion even more special for us...we couldn’t recommend Tashina enough!”

How to pick a photographer/videographer?

It’s a little overwhelming, am I right?
There’s sooo many to choose from. So how do you decide? I’ve put together a few tips of things to consider when surfing the many online portfolios that I hope will help you.

#1 Their Style and how they work.

Their Style: Check out their work. While looking at individual photos that you love is great, don’t be scared to back up a little bit. When scrolling through their Instagram on grid view you often get a sense of their overall style. Ask yourself: do you like the colours of their images and how they have edited them? Photographers don’t generally change their editing style, so it’s important that you like their overall work as this will be reflective of what you are going to be receiving.

How they work: Look at what is happening in the images. Are they big on posing? Do they capture the moments as they happen? Or are they a mix of both? Think about how you want to be guided through your shoot

I’d describe my style as authentic and creative with an eye for detail. I like to capture real moments. We spend time using movement to help you relax and have fun during our shoots. This naturalness and fun are reflected in the images we capture. I also want you to look your best, so if needed I will step in and adjust your pose. I will guide you through some poses and then step back and let you be in that moment and that is when the magic happens.

Like what you see…?

#2 Ask to see more

Instagram and webpages give you a very curated view of someone’s work. They’ve basically chosen their best hero images to capture your attention. So this is probably the most important tip of all...ask to see more! It is totally fine to request to see a full gallery of a wedding day. You can then see if they are consistent throughout the day and how they handle various lighting conditions.

#3 Make sure you vibe

It’s hard to tell who a person is from a webpage or an email. So give them a call, ask to meet in person or via zoom. Your Photographer/videographer will be with you for the whole day, so it’s important that you are comfortable with them. So this is your personal invitation to coffee with me! Whether it be in person at your local or virtually.

#4 Bonus tip - Photography & Videography Teams

These two teams work super closely together throughout your day. It’s therefore super important that they work well together. If you’ve already chosen your photographer, ask them for recommendations for a videographer or vice versa. Some companies (like myself) offer both services so that can be a great way to have seamless storytelling throughout your day.

I hope I’ve made your task a little less overwhelming. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all and all the best with your wedding planning!!

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