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Hi there, I’m Greg and thanks for viewing my page :)

Oh - and congratulations! If you’re here - you’re probably getting married which is awesome!

With all the planning involved in a wedding, I know it can seem daunting - so I want to do you a favour… Take a deep breath, relax and let me take the pressure of wedding photography completely off your shoulders.

So who am I?

Well, I grew up north of Auckland in Orewa and now I live in Mangawhai with my wife and two cats - I have a Geology degree and a post graduate diploma in primary school teaching and would you believe I worked in 30 different jobs before finding my calling… wedding photography! In 2005 I bought my first digital camera, and then in 2010 I shot my first wedding and never looked back. I now shoot weddings full time and I absolutely love it!

As a wedding photographer, what am I like?

I suppose first and foremost, I’m happy. I’m actually doing a job that I love and so every day is a great day. Second, I get along with people. Remember those 30 jobs I’ve had before, well they mean that I’ve worked with a whole range of people - I know how to communicate and how to keep a level head. Third - I’m not afraid to control of a crowd. Just before making the switch to wedding photography I was a actually primary school teacher for two years - and if you can control 7 year olds, you can control anyone :)

But photos are scary...

I know what you're thinking, how can you feel comfortable with a camera pointed at you all day? Let me say straight up that you need not worry. The first thing I do is tell everyone to pretend the camera isn't there and 90% of the photos I take are without you even knowing! For the other 10% you'll either be laughing, walking or cuddling (or smooching) so there will be 0% awkward shots. And you'll look amazing in all of them.

You know what... weddings are my happy place - and I'd love to hear all about yours :D

Drop me a line and lets be friends :D


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