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Wedding Rings are the symbol of your marriage and should be strong, reflect quality, be endless and super comfortable. At Polished Diamonds our wedding rings are superior, milled not cast, hand polished and hand finished for the ultimate in quality and luxury. Explore our range and contact us for unique designs.

Wedding Rings

Polished Diamonds can produce any style of wedding ring. Please view our extensive range below and contact us for additional pricing or design options. Our wedding rings are priced on the weight of Gold/Platinum/Titanium - the heavier the band the more it will cost. We will work with you to create a custom made wedding ring within your price budget - lets chat!

We produce the highest quality diamond engagement rings and fine jewellery at remarkably low workshop direct prices. We use architectural CAD to model each diamond ring we produce in actual scale and proportion; this allows clients to review how the ring will actually look. This unique system allows for any ring design and any diamond or gemstone to suit your budget. Using 3D printing we transform the CAD file into an actual Platinum or Gold ring that is symmetrically perfect - they just look so much better than our competition.

We have won several awards including Retailer of the Year, we have been in business over a decade, NZJW members and from our Kiwi base we operate and export to 13 countries direct.

Why Choose Us

Polished Diamonds offer the Worlds best GIA certified Diamonds, custom made Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and much more.

  • Commitment - We enjoy making the best Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and supplying GIA certified Diamonds.
  • Sparkle - We sell only GIA certified Diamonds and focus on Excellent cut for a brighter and more reflective sparkle the Worlds best Diamonds.
  • Quality - We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to model and preview each unique Diamond Ring for a perfect custom fit and perfect symmetry - the results are precision engineering at its finest. We also CAD and produce your matching Wedding Ring at a later date for your convenience.
  • Quality - We hand set, hand polish and hand finish each Diamond Ring to perfection. Traditional craftsmanship at its finest can never be substituted.
  • Quality - Each Diamond Ring is custom made to suit so any style, design and budget can be accommodated. We are here to help you buy the best you can afford; do it once and do it right!
  • Trust - We Operate in 13 Countries, 1000's of happy clients, Refund Policy if you are not satisfied.
  • Value - Our volume enables us to offer Excellent prices at the highest Quality. We put our reputation and customer satisfaction over profits to ensure you get the best!
  • Service - Our staff are Qualified and return your enquiries quickly and efficiently.

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