Lesley Williams Celebrant

The date for a lifetime has been set, a wonderful future ahead.

I became a celebrant to ensure couples received a memorable, engaging ceremony that flows seamlessly from beginning to end. I like to build ceremonies that resonate with whom they are, highlight their love, their values within their comfort level.

I am fully committed to the couple and passionate about delivering over and above by doing everything within my power to ensure the couple have a spectacular ceremony.

My commitment is for only one wedding ceremony per day to remove any potential distractions ensuring every wedding is given the attention, the time and the focus needed to make it memorable and special.

Why Choose Lesley as your Celebrant?

*Warm & Friendly *Open & Obliging *Outgoing & Confident *Genuinely interested in providing an exceptional ceremony *Available throughout the entire journey *Exceptional planning and organising skills *Belief system: there is always a solution *Good time management *Professional *Strong attention to details *Articulate speaker

Full & Fabulous Ceremony 30 to 40 mins :

  • Face to Face Ceremony
  • Bespoke Short Background story about couple, light and funny
  • Vow Options
  • Ring Options
  • Poem or Readings by family/ friends/ or Lesley
  • Music discussion
  • Rehearsal with wedding party
  • Tips on how to avoid potentially awkward moments during ceremony
  • Additional ceremony requests
  • PA System

Brief and Beautiful Ceremony 15 to 20 mins:

  • Ceremony Chat vis phone or face time
  • Vows options
  • Ring options
  • Poem or readings by family or friends
  • Music discussion
  • Tips on how to avoid potentially awkward moments during ceremony
  • PA system


"We were so thrilled to have chosen Lesley as our celebrant for our special day. Lesley went above and beyond to ensure our ceremony captured the essence of who we are and what was important to us. She was incredibly flexible, warm, and genuine. It was equally as important to her, for everything to flow seamlessly as it was ourselves. Lesley will ensure you have your ceremony your way, Many thanks, Lesley for making our day super special!" - Emily & Ellis

"From our first meeting with Lesley we were so happy she was going to be our celebrant! Lesley radiates a warmth and sparkle that instantly makes you feel both perfectly at ease and confident that she will make your day perfect. She helped us through the vow-writing process which made us feel so well supported in preparing for our wedding. By asking simple questions in our initial meeting she got a great feel for who we were and the ceremony that Lesley put together was funny, heartfelt and authentically us. I couldn’t recommend Lesley more, she was absolutely amazing and made our day extra special, a day we will never forget!!"- Chloe & Luke

"We had such a positive experience with Lesley. Lesley was very planned and prepared, easy to communicate and always available. We felt Lesley was very authentic and genuine and loved the time she took to get to know us." - Karina & Victor

"Lesley was an absolute dream to work with from the start. She made us feel comfortable with the whole process and fit so nicely into our small intimate wedding. The way she personalised the ceremony to fit our story was incredible, she made our day even more special and memorable. Exceptional service from Lesley, she exceeded all of our expectations!" - Tash & Sean

"If 5 stars are full marks, we would give 10 stars to Lesley, she is warm-heart, approachable and passionate. We contacted Lesley due to her one wedding per day policy plus her donation to charity from earnings. Lesley gave us clear direction and provided a step by step process to assist us. We felt secure and confident after meeting Lesley. On the Wedding Day, Lesley was punctual & professional our Ceremony was on point with our request plus it was fun and entertaining. We definitely recommend Lesley!" - Vicki & Alwyn

"We chose Lesley because we appreciated her inclusive philosophy and her desire to work with young couples like ourselves. As soon as we met her, we were struck by her warm and friendly nature. Lesley’s experience was so valuable, as she was able to make suggestions and recommendations for the ceremony that we hadn’t even considered! We loved how she gave us the opportunity to discuss and change the ceremony and vows to suit us best. Despite a dramatic day, where the last-minute venue change meant Lesley had to dash across Auckland to get to the new location, she was incredibly calm and collected. She gave us a beautiful ceremony and we are so glad she was part of our special day. Thank you so much again for everything you have done for us- what a journey! I will recommend you to everyone we know who gets engaged" - Alexa & Tony

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