Occasional Monarchy

A wedding is the perfect occasion for a live butterfly release. Whether you chose to release just one or two butterflies, or to include your bridal party, or even your guests, in the release, you can be sure that you are creating a memorable occasion for your family and guests.

The words your Celebrant speaks while you are releasing butterflies can shape your intent in the release, whether you are creating an everyday reminder of the promises you have made, to simply carrying your guests’ good wishes and and blessings.

Local Celebrant, Angel Pearson shares her interpretation of a butterfly release - “Anyone who’s been in any kind of long term relationship knows that success is less about the carefully scripted words and artful decorations of your wedding day, and more about what comes next - finding flashes of beauty among the ordinary, day to day events. Today we release these Monarch Butterflies, and in doing so, create an ongoing reminder of this day for years to come. Whenever you see a Monarch Butterfly flitting past, choose to remember the promises you have made here today.”

Available Nationwide

Occasional Monarchy can courier butterflies anywhere in NZ. We chill-pack the butterflies for dispatch; the courier delivers to your door the day before the event; and depending on when the event is held, you can re-freeze the chiller packs & keep the butterflies dormant until a couple of hours before release. Then gradually let them warm up ready for release. Distance or location is not an issue for an occasional monarch.

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