Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

Wedding Entertainment on a Budget

Wednesday, 20 October 2021
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What a year 2020 has been so far! No one could see this coming, and now we are all stuck dealing with the aftermath of the covid19 pandemic and all that it brought with it. As many of you will be feeling, the covid19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the events industry with restrictions around gatherings. We understand that many people will be feeling the aftermath financially and this may mean re-visiting your Wedding budget. We have put together some ideas in the form of Budget Wedding DJ Packages and new Wedding equipment hire packages for those couples who may no longer be able to afford some of the niceties such as a pricey Wedding DJ or Wedding Band and need to consider the option of running your own music or setting up some of your own Wedding Lighting.

Low-Cost Wedding DJ Packages

Firstly we wanted to touch on the new budget Wedding DJ options that we have released. Many couples always asked us if we do packages for the Wedding Dance Floor only. Until recently the answer was always no, as we set our packages at a strict 6 hours to cover the entire Wedding Reception from start to finish. This meant that our DJ would arrive during canape hour while your Wedding guests were still outside, and we could sneak into the Wedding Reception to get set up and be ready with background music for when your guests entered the Wedding Reception to be seated for dinner, and our microphone was ready for the MC and speeches.

However, we have now put together a 3 Hour ‘In & Out’ package as a new budget-friendly way to have a professional DJ at your Wedding for you and your Weddings Guests to dance the night away to for only $800 + GST. This is great for more casual Weddings, and where the venue or a friend can take care of the music during your dinner ready for us to take over from 9 pm till midnight (or whichever timing suits your Wedding dance floor!). This means we simply need to be able to access the dance floor area about 30 to 40 minute before the dancing kicks off to get in and get set up without disturbing guests if possible and we are all set.

We also have our silver Reception only package which still covers the full 6 hours of your Wedding Reception from start to end for only a little more than our Wedding Dance Floor-only package.

Make sure to send us an email to find out more about all our available DJ packages. Please note that the ‘In & Out’ 3-hour package is NOT available on Saturdays due to this being the most in-demand day during peak season. However, due to covid19, we are allowing some leniency around this on a case by case basis so don't hesitate to reach out to us!


Wedding Sound Hire

We have noticed a recent trend of more and more couples choosing to run their own music for their Weddings using Spotify Playlists or similar. This has often been the case for smaller or more casual Weddings where the cost of Wedding DJ or Wedding Band just felt too much to spend on your Wedding Entertainment, or where the budget simply didn’t allow for it. Now more than ever due to covid19, this may be an option that even more couples consider to help save a few pennies.

We have some Wedding Sound Hire Packages perfect for couples who want to run their own Wedding Music or have a friend look after the Wedding Playlist. We have put together two D.I.Y Wedding Sound Hire Packages to cater to slightly different Wedding sizes and budgets.

These Wedding Audio Packages are available for hire as a combo or own their own. The portable system is great for location Ceremonies being battery operated with a built-in wireless microphone for your Wedding Celebrant to use, and for your vows. Your Wedding Videographer and can record straight out of the back too for crystal clear audio quality for your Wedding Video! You can collect these from any of our major offices around New Zealand including Whangarei, Auckland, Rotorua, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown
** Please note the availability and brand of equipment vary slightly from city to city due to seasonal demand and local availability.


Wedding Lighting Hire

Lighting at your Wedding can make a huge difference. For us as Wedding Entertainers it can help set the difference in mood from formal sit down dinner, to loosen your ties and have a good old fashioned boogie on the dance floor. Lighting for your Wedding dance floor is not the only type of lighting that can make a huge impact on your Wedding, think fairy lights, festoons and uplighting around your room as part of your decorations also! We have put together two lighting packages for your Wedding dance floor if you are choosing to do a D.I.Y Wedding on a budget alongside all the other lighting hire that we have to offer.

Both of these options are a great way to add some life to your dance floor to help get the party started and encourage your guests to get out of their seats. They are a great pairing with our Wedding sound hire packages for a complete D.I.Y Wedding package. These lights are also available for pick up from all of our above-mentioned branches, or you can choose to pay a small additional fee to have a member of our team set them up and pack them down for you.

We also have a range of other great party and mood lighting available for hire for your Wedding. Make sure to check out our hire page for more information on our full range sound & lighting hire. One great example of mood lighting for your Wedding is our Chauvet LED Festoons. These can be set to a warm white, yellow or colour of our choice during dinner and formalities, and at the push of a button can go into full party mode for an amazing overhead visual effect! Watch the demo video.