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Eloping to the Abel Tasman

Can we Elope?

"We should just elope!" is often shouted out in frustration of a traditional wedding that throws up so many issues never thought of when the proposal was accepted.

“But how can you go through with it”? With so much to consider, “Will we let our parents down?” “Will our friends feel we don’t care?” Given the high cost of a traditional wedding, this is defiantly something worth considering.

For thousands of fewer dollars you could combine the wedding with your honeymoon. However before you make your final decision to elope, you should carefully consider the pros and cons and maybe include your family and friends in the decision and planning, so they can understand why you are choosing this idea over the big costly traditional event.

Considerations to marry overseas

It could be a great disappointment, especially for the bride’s mother not to be at the wedding of her daughter but it is tradition for parents to help financially, so why not suggest they have a trip of a life time for themselves and enjoy the event and then take advantage to leave you be and enjoy the wonderful experience for themselves.

On your return you can plan a fantastic family and friend’s dinner party, where the bride can still ware her stunning dress and still enjoy some of the traditions, like the speeches at the event which will have so much to talk about and compare.

Really think about what you need to invest in, for example dump the flash car arrival and spend on a really unique photographer, who can encapsulate your day forever to share with friends and family. Once they see your visual happiness around the celebration table they will all wonder why they didn’t do the same.

It’s all about how you approach things, never just tell people that’s what your doing, suggest you feel it’s the best plan and they will surely agree if they care about you.

Reasons for an over sea’s wedding

Most couples who decide to look elsewhere from their local parish have the need to make their commitment in privacy and without months of fuss and worry. The cost of running away for an intimate wedding with an incorporated honeymoon typically costs tens of thousands dollars less than a one day traditional wedding where so many other people have to be accommodated. Family arguments are common place around the planning of an event. Everyone has their own pennies worth to add and this often shrouds the true reason for the event.

There’s something old-fashioned and romantic about running off to another country to be married but it’s often associated with trouble of some kind, a partner not accepted by the other family, an unexpected pregnancy or war between two religions and of course the fast love and passion that can over shadow the reality of life.

Whatever the problems or reasons that bring you to the final decision of an over sea’s wedding it can be more than memorable but build a very strong bond that will hold you tight forever.

One place to consider is the Abel Tasman in New Zealand. It offers some of the most stunning backdrops with many romantic charter options to get to your chosen location. The Dream Maker is a specialised event and Honeymoon planner and brings all the little sparkles to your event as she knows everyone worth knowing and can co-ordinate all the final details.

The combining of your honeymoon with your event will save you thousands of dollars and with this in mind you can really splash out on your honeymoon suit and stay a few extra days in total luxury, instead of skipping this pleasure to cover extra table decorations and again this is all part and parcel of the Dream Makers package.

In New Zealand you’re only required to be in the country for three days before your wedding day and with a simple registration system it again ad’s to the hassle free planning, leaving you fresh and excited for your quiet occasion. We are experienced in the small occasion and often asked to be witnesses which we are always thrilled to accept.

So now you have learnt of some of the arguments what do you want to do?

(Source: Abel Tasman Wedding & Events The Dream Maker)